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Summer Camp Jobs
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Peak posting times are December - May, check back for updates
If you attended a camp as a youth, don't expect the same experience for yourself as a staff member. It can still be lots of fun as a counselor, but it is also hard work. Camp counselors put in long days and don't always get paid a lot, but the work is rewarding and you will likely meet people that will be life-long friends.

*Most camp directors will file form letters where they belong- in the trash! 

*Making an introductory phone call is a good first step 

*Send references with your letter or resume- the camp will want them eventually and the sooner you provide them, the better your chances are. 

*Early application is best. In January, most camps have lots of openings and few applicants. In April or May there are few spots left, but lots of applicants. 

*Better late than never- even in May some camps need specific positions filled. Call around to find the one that is still looking for your talents. 

*First aid & CPR training are usually required, a plus is lifeguard training.  Any training specific to your activity area will help, especially if the emphasis is on instructing the activity. 

*Camp is for kids. If the kids aren't your first priority, you should probably look somewhere else for a job. 


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